GA Event tracking for busy people

Track events on your website by simply pointing them out.

Tracking request example

What is analytics event tracking?

Most analytics tools only track page view events and certain types of links out of the box. This is usually sufficient for small sites with static content. Custom analytics goes one step further by tracking high priority events occurring on your site. A banner impression, lead submission, a CTA button, and the list goes on.

Tracking questions

DIY analytics event tracking

Figuring out what to tag is easy. Figuring out how to do it is hard. Setting up robust analytics tracking is a luxury that not many can afford. You can either hire a developer to do it for you, spend countless hours trying to figure it out yourself, or settle for default analytics for the time being.

Point&Tag aims to eliminate the unnecessary complexity that comes with custom event tracking. Reap the benefits of better analytics at a DIY price.

We develop simple custom event tags for sites using

Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Matomo, Adobe Analytics, Webtrends

How it works

Get started with implementing advanced analytics tracking in just 3 short steps

1. Visually identify what events you'd like to track

  1. Screenshot the events that you'd like to receive custom tracking on.
  2. Number the items in descending order of priority.
  3. Protip: Prioritize events that have the highest potential of providing you with better insights.
Tracking request example

2. Send us an email detailing the events you've identified as well as the site URL

  • We'll go through the list you've provided to create the analytics event tracking for them.
  • Protip: Pictures speak a thousand words. And where pictures fail, feel free to describe in further detail the event you'd like tracking on.

Subject: Tracking request for

Hi, Guys! 👋

I would like to tag a number events on my awesome online jewellery store.
List of the events with screenshots is attached. Please send me the JS file when ready!

All the best!

3. Receive your analytics event tags

  • You will receive a Javascript file containing your event tags as well as instructions on how to include the file on your site.
  • Protip: You need to have access to modify your site code to actually implement the custom tags.

Script inclusion on pages

Simple Pricing:

up to 10 events

up to 25 events

up to 40 events

40 or more events

For ongoing analytics expertise and support (think your own inhouse digital analyst), reach out to our sister company - logo